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World of Color: That Old Sinking Feeling Part 2

Remember last month when we reported that World of Color would be our of commission due to an incident with one of the floating barges...? Remember when we said that it would be at least the end of summer until the show would return...? Well, all of that is apparently old news, because according to our sources, the floating tables will be out of commission until at least Christmas, if not the end of the year. Apparently, the damage done to the proprietary equipment which occurred when a server room door was left open for routine maintenance and the table mechanism failed over a weekend, was more extensive than previously thought. All this occurring, despite what sources describe as multiple attempts by front line Cast Members to management to staff a monitor over the weekend. What was originally supposed to six weeks of lead time to reproduce the damaged equipment (because Disney doesn't keep spares, because "reasons"...?) has now been extended to 24 weeks. Refunds have already begun on previously purchased dining packages and the expectation is that the popular night time show, which was supposed to return last week, will now be out until at least Christmas, but will most likely be on hiatus until the end of the year. As updates become available, we'll make sure to post them here and on our show The Vacationland Theme Park Podcast


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