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EP-40 "That Sounds Like a Delicious Hangover"

In Our last Episode of 2019: We wrap up our thoughts on Knott's Merry Farm 2019, and Dr. David shares his memories of Knott's Bear-Y Tales, cause the rest of us have no memory of it. Also, we discover that Karen is part of the parking problem for Mrs. Knott's Chicken Dinner Restaurant and find out which one of our hosts has taste in alcohol that would make a sorority girl jealous, plus the importance of agreeing with the parents in Disney movies and the limited time return of an 80's favorite. Park Hopping: -Haunted Mansion Rehab -Disneyland Releases a Preview of the new "Magic Happens Parade" -"Eve" Returns to Universal Studios Hollywood Plus, we discuss the Holiday Offerings at Universal Studios Hollywood and Dr. Skipper shares his trip review on his recent outing to Universal Studios Hollywood.

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